My Album: Never a Truer Word

Well, since I first started usingNever a Truer Word (Cover) GarageBand in anger, I’ve managed to record and produce 10 tracks, just under 1 hour of music. Not that I’m stopping, but now appears a good point to bundle everything together into a virtual album, and put a stake in the ground. I’ve put the 10 songs under the banner of the oldest, and still favourite song of the bunch, and even got a photo I took last summer of the field at the back of our house, and done some core-image doctoring to make it look pretty. I’ve bundled of all of this work together, so if you are mad enough to want to, the whole ‘Album’ is available as a zipfile, feel free. Meanwhile, I’m starting work on some new stuff – will try and adopt a different style, see how inventive I can be.


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