Inspired to Inversions

My brief experience playing with some other guys, in the band “Happy Millionaire” has come to an end.  Unfortunately, my work life balance is generally a bit screwed up, and trying to ensure I could be all things to all people was making the whole thing a little less than fun.  The guys in the band are a great bunch, and I wish them well – I think we’d done some good work, and I was particuarly pleased with how quick I’d picked up the knack of playing in sync with 5 other guys at stupid volumes after so many years.

So I’ve pulled out – work is too busy, the family is too important, and so I’d rather let them down now than later on.  Interestingly, I never intended to stop writing and recording my own music, but literally, since our first practise back in January, I’ve not recorded a note – I’ve tried a few times, and it’s all sounded souless and pointless, and has been quickly scrubbed.  So yesterday, first day after pulling out, I setup my gear, and just decided to warm my fingers up – a riff came, I liked it, I plugged in GarageBand.  Twenty four hours later, and I have a new song.   It’s typically me, i.e. not particuarly original I guess – starts simple, very basic backing, some orchestrated harmonies, and a thumping bass-line.  I like it.


The title sums it up – I felt pretty inspired as I put it together, and feel bursting with a few new ideas – the brief hiatus, accompanied by playing and learning some different music, has probably wired me up again – so I’ve entitled a new collection of songs, and this is the first of hopefully many.

You can download this and more of my songs, from My Music page.


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