Smart TV (goodbye Sky?)

Got a new Smart TV and a proper free view aerial installed this weekend – it’s fantastic – combined with plea, which I already had running for my son’s bedroom, the one investment in a new TV means:

  • no more Apple TV (it’s all built into the TV – Plex provides a much nicer interface than Apples as well)
  • no more £60 a month to Murdoch
  • Sky + replaced by Timeshift, built into the TV with an external hard drive attached
  • Sky HD replaced by Freeview HD
  • Anytime TV replaced with Plex
  • no more phoning sky and bitching every 6 months because another sky box has bust
  • no more Sky Sports.
Yeah the last one sucks a bit.  I’ll give it a week or so and then decide.  But the TV is superb, fantastic.




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