Haunted was the longest I have taken to complete a set of songs to date – lots of changes and other interesting things going on in life, let this take more time and be more relaxed.  Some cool tracks on here, and some others not so hot – and I was never quite happy with the sound I was getting from the setup.  I decided to call it a day at track 9, as I’ve done quite some work to get a good sound (I think “Me Too” is the best example of it, and now it’s fresh and working, I want to start afresh.   Face In the Mirror from “Take What You Need” was actually inspired by the Artwork, which I thought was cool.



01.  Haunted

02. Blue Up Two

03. Jumpstart

04. Purged

05. Born and Burnt

06. My New Baby

07.  Applying To Be Human

08. The Abyss

09. Me Too


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