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I won’t attribute this to anyone. Sign of the times. My latest practise session becomes a piece. Enjoy. The Blowhard »

Song No 2, 2020! Nice mix, odd key change, having fun with Logic’s new AI Drummer Tracks. Enjoy! Mindlessly About »

Lockdown is my 22nd collection of Songs in roughly 15 years (with a few of the earlier songs written as »

You thought this blog was dead! I thought so too. In fact, when I finally found need to come back »

And one more……maybe I’m on a roll.  Nice solo here.  Well, I thought so. Tread Ever So Carefully   »

So another brief hiatus.  I don’t get as much time as I once did.  But here’s something new. Electric Symphosia »

One of the reasons for a protracted delay was much life circumstances change….moved home, changed jobs, lots of other cool »

Been a while….and in that time I did do a couple of songs. But didn’t update the site in ages. »

Something new! Been a while…..too busy learning the Saxophone. Make Me Enjoy! »

Something new.  Enjoy.   »

Something new.  Rockier sounding Rythmn guitars (I hope).  Experimented with lots of other soundboards, but in, it was 99% the »

Something new     I’ve also added two more songs to this Album, but missed posting them up for some »

Saving time, one new post 🙂 05 Born and Burnt.mp3 06 My New Baby.mp3   Enjoy »

  Something new.  Much fun. Changed setup almost entirely, so its got quite a new sound.   Will blog on »

Something new – got a bit carried away.  S was away, so I spent most of the weekend mucking about »

Here is something new.  “Blue up Two”. Enjoy. Blue Up Two     »

This is track number 1 – Haunted.  Very pleased with how this came out, though I seemed to spend an »

Something new.  Face In The Mirror. 09 Face In The Mirror.mp3   Enjoy.     »

Something new.  Truly, just messing.  Fingers got all tight.  So uh. Yeah. 08 Messing.mp3 Enjoy. »

07 Madness Is Killin..> Another new song. Enjoy.   »

Something new 06 Get A Life.mp3   Enjoy »

Saw Metallica live.  ’nuff said.   05 Shallow Evil.mp3   Enjoy.     »

Something new. Includes guest appearances from my new PRS SE 😀 Mark J Turner – Want To Grow Old…   »

Something new.  Doesn’t happen very often these days. Mark J Turner – Take What You Need   Enjoy »

So song number 2….   This started with a very modern Joe Satriani riff….that quickly evolved.  In the end i »

So, it’s been a while.  Life change a lot.  Here’s something new though – getting back into it.   Mark J »

Mark J Turner – Dying To Be Final song for Night & Day.   Enjoy.   »

Randomly just came across this song on YouTube, probably first time I’ve listened to it in 20 years – loved »

Something new.  Quick and dirty. Mark J Turner – No Fault In Failing Use both my Les Paul, the SDX1 »

Something new.  Something slightly weird.  Enjoy Mark J Turner – Two Souls   »

The title track.  Generally gets given as I finish as i liked the way a song worked out 🙂 Mark »

My First song for 2015, and written and recorded on my new Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDX1.  All fun. Enjoy. »

Something new. Mark J Turner – Shut Up and Smile Well, you gotta.   »

Something new. Mark J Turner – Tell Me Tales Enjoy. »

Second Song. Something new.  A case of mistaken identity.   Mark J Turner – Second Chance   Enjoy (or not). »

Very Deep…. (not).   Track number 1.   Mark J Turner – The True Meaning of Truth Funky kinda side »

My father past away on December 3rd 2014.   It’s just for my own memory, but I dedicate this song »

Something new. Mark J Turner – We Have Years Enjoy.   »

Something new.   Mark J Turner – Building It Forward   Enjoy.   »

      Mark J Turner – Its Always Been You   Enjoy 🙂 »

Something new. Mark J Turner – So Beautiful   Enjoy. »

Something new.  Remarkable.   Enjoy.   Mark J Turner – Remarkable     »

Something new. Mark J Turner – Making An Effort To Be Patient   Enjoy.   »

Mark J Turner – We All Make Our Choices Enjoy 🙂 »

Second song, really good sound – really sad background. MarkJ Turner – Be With You   Enjoy.   I did. »

First song, new album.  Trying. Mark J Turner – Try To Be A Good Man         »

Something short and simple to finish off….. Mark J Turner – Needing A Hug Enjoy. »

  This reminds me of Summeriferous.   Exactly the same kind of day 2 years ago, sweltering hot.  I didn’t »

I never do 2 covers in a set of 10.  Then I got carried away.  Oh well, it sounds too »

Been listening to a lot of Dream Theater’s new album last night, and playing a lot of Bon Jovi.   »