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Something new.  Face In The Mirror. 09 Face In The Mirror.mp3   Enjoy.     »

Something new.  Truly, just messing.  Fingers got all tight.  So uh. Yeah. 08 Messing.mp3 Enjoy. »

07 Madness Is Killin..> Another new song. Enjoy.   »

Something new 06 Get A Life.mp3   Enjoy »

Something new. Includes guest appearances from my new PRS SE 😀 Mark J Turner – Want To Grow Old…   »

Something new.  Doesn’t happen very often these days. Mark J Turner – Take What You Need   Enjoy »

So, it’s been a while.  Life change a lot.  Here’s something new though – getting back into it.   Mark J »

This collection of songs started into 2015, following a 6 month hiatus, and took over 12 months to complete, which »