Lockdown is my 22nd collection of Songs in roughly 15 years (with a few of the earlier songs written as early as 1994). I’ve really slowed down in recent years, work, love, life etc. However, times are strange and that’s stimulated me spending a fair bit […]
One of the reasons for a protracted delay was much life circumstances change….moved home, changed jobs, lots of other cool things going on. Less cool was hard-drive crash and a loss of lots of stuff. Backup turned out to be corrupt, etc/etc/etc. Actual hardest loss was […]
Been a while….and in that time I did do a couple of songs. But didn’t update the site in ages. Here’s the first – Enjoy!: Worry Not Might Not  
Something new! Been a while…..too busy learning the Saxophone. Make Me http://www.morks.net/music/Inside%20The%20Outside/03%20Make%20Me.mp3 Enjoy!
Here is something new.  “Blue up Two”. Enjoy. Blue Up Two    
This is track number 1 – Haunted.  Very pleased with how this came out, though I seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time mixing to get the right balance between the clean electric and the lead guitar riffs when they kick in.  Problem is depending […]
Something new.  Doesn’t happen very often these days. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Take%20What%20You%20Need/03%20Take%20What%20You%20Need.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Take What You Need]   Enjoy
New song, new collection.  Has something interesting about it I think, enjoyed how it worked out.   Nice sound.  New bass mix (new bass in fact).   [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/A%20Friend%20Wears%20A%20Smile/01%20A%20Friend%20Wears%20A%20Smile.mp3|titles=A Friend Wears A Smile|artists=Mark J Turner]   Hope you enjoy.  
  Song number 1 to start the run in 2013.   Started by playing around with some of Logic’s built in Synths then just overlaid what came naturally – particuarly enjoyed an almost dance vibe in the middle 🙂   Spent quite some time mucking around my […]
[audio:http://www.morks.net/music//One%20Unusual%20Suspect//07%20Ecstasy%20She%20May%20Not%20Know.mp3|titles=Ecstasy She May Not Know|artists=Mark J Turner] One of those songs that comes together in 10 minutes, 5 chunks, all relatively simply, had a nice vibe and a nice harmony lead part.   Put a small interlude in the middle with a riff I’ve been playing […]
It’s been a while…. [audio:http://files.me.com/morkjturner/upwgu9.mp3|titles=She Turns Out The Light|artists=Mark J Turner]    
And so, with this, I close Perspective.   Almost put two songs together in one day today, nothing stunningly original here, but I nice change in tempo and a good finisher to the set I think.   Enjoy!   [audio:http://files.me.com/morkjturner/jqgzui.mp3|titles=Faking It|artists=Mark J Turner]    
[audio:http://files.me.com/morkjturner/vm48fq.mp3|titles=Short Stay|artists=Mark J. Turner] Wanted to shed some of the complexity, make it fast, make it fun, keep a strong melody, and just have something very “rocky”. One more to go, and that’s Perspective done. Enjoy.