I won’t attribute this to anyone. Sign of the times. My latest practise session becomes a piece. Enjoy. The Blowhard
Song No 2, 2020! Nice mix, odd key change, having fun with Logic’s new AI Drummer Tracks. Enjoy! Mindlessly About Me (5:26)
Lockdown is my 22nd collection of Songs in roughly 15 years (with a few of the earlier songs written as early as 1994). I’ve really slowed down in recent years, work, love, life etc. However, times are strange and that’s stimulated me spending a fair bit […]
You thought this blog was dead! I thought so too. In fact, when I finally found need to come back and update it, I found it had been down for 6 months with a dead database and no backups…. :—-) So, Lockdown. We’re in it, and […]
And one more……maybe I’m on a roll.  Nice solo here.  Well, I thought so. Tread Ever So Carefully  
So another brief hiatus.  I don’t get as much time as I once did.  But here’s something new. Electric Symphosia
One of the reasons for a protracted delay was much life circumstances change….moved home, changed jobs, lots of other cool things going on. Less cool was hard-drive crash and a loss of lots of stuff. Backup turned out to be corrupt, etc/etc/etc. Actual hardest loss was […]
Been a while….and in that time I did do a couple of songs. But didn’t update the site in ages. Here’s the first – Enjoy!: Worry Not Might Not  
Something new! Been a while…..too busy learning the Saxophone. Make Me http://www.morks.net/music/Inside%20The%20Outside/03%20Make%20Me.mp3 Enjoy!
Something new.  Enjoy. http://www.morks.net/music/Inside%20The%20Outside/01%20Would%20Be%20Should%20Be.mp3  
Something new.  Rockier sounding Rythmn guitars (I hope).  Experimented with lots of other soundboards, but in, it was 99% the same because I couldnt get it to sound as good I think this does.  Enjoy. http://www.morks.net/music/Inside%20The%20Outside/01%20Inside%20The%20Outside.mp3
Something new   http://www.morks.net/music/Haunted/09%20Me%20Too.mp3   I’ve also added two more songs to this Album, but missed posting them up for some reason.  Make sure to check them out on the album page itself:   Haunted
Saving time, one new post 🙂 05 Born and Burnt.mp3 06 My New Baby.mp3   Enjoy
  Something new.  Much fun. Changed setup almost entirely, so its got quite a new sound.   Will blog on the gear change later. 04 Purged.mp3 Enjoy!  
Something new – got a bit carried away.  S was away, so I spent most of the weekend mucking about with it.  The tempo and some complex changes seem to cause some screw up in Logic that i couldn’t quite fix or understand, and i hear […]
Here is something new.  “Blue up Two”. Enjoy. Blue Up Two    
This is track number 1 – Haunted.  Very pleased with how this came out, though I seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time mixing to get the right balance between the clean electric and the lead guitar riffs when they kick in.  Problem is depending […]
Something new.  Face In The Mirror. 09 Face In The Mirror.mp3   Enjoy.    
Something new.  Truly, just messing.  Fingers got all tight.  So uh. Yeah. 08 Messing.mp3 Enjoy.
07 Madness Is Killin..> Another new song. Enjoy.  
Something new 06 Get A Life.mp3   Enjoy
Saw Metallica live.  ’nuff said.   05 Shallow Evil.mp3   Enjoy.    
Something new. Includes guest appearances from my new PRS SE 😀 [audio:04 Want to Grow Old…>|titles=Want To Grow Old…|artists=Mark J Turner]     Enjoy.  
Something new.  Doesn’t happen very often these days. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Take%20What%20You%20Need/03%20Take%20What%20You%20Need.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Take What You Need]   Enjoy
So song number 2….   This started with a very modern Joe Satriani riff….that quickly evolved.  In the end i could have cut the original idea out as i wasn’t sure its bluesy style really fitted where the rest went – the time signatures don’t meld […]
So, it’s been a while.  Life change a lot.  Here’s something new though – getting back into it.   [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Take%20What%20You%20Need/01%20Living%20and%20Loving.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Living and Loving]   Enjoy    
[audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Night%20%26%20Day/10%20Dying%20To%20Be.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Dying To Be] Final song for Night & Day.   Enjoy.  
Randomly just came across this song on YouTube, probably first time I’ve listened to it in 20 years – loved this as a teenager, just had to cover it 🙂 [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Night%20%26%20Day/09%20The%20Last%20In%20Line.mp3|titles=The Last In Line|artists=Mark J Turner] Will no nicely as the one cover out of the […]
Something new.  Quick and dirty. [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Night%20%26%20Day/08%20No%20Fault%20in%20Failing.mp3|titles=No Fault In Failing|artists=Mark J Turner] Use both my Les Paul, the SDX1 and my ESP Volcano on this – think that is the first track that does that.    
Something new.  Something slightly weird.  Enjoy [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Night%20%26%20Day/07%20Two%20Souls.mp3|titles=Two Souls|artists=Mark J Turner]  
The title track.  Generally gets given as I finish as i liked the way a song worked out 🙂 [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Night%20%26%20Day/06%20Night%20%26%20Day.mp3|titles=Night & Day|artists=Mark J Turner] Enjoy.  
My First song for 2015, and written and recorded on my new Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDX1.  All fun. Enjoy. [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Night%20%26%20Day/05%20My%20Only%20Way%20Back.mp3|titles=My Only Way Back|artists=Mark J Turner]    
Something new. [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Night%20%26%20Day/04%20Shut%20up%20and%20Smile.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Shut Up and Smile] Well, you gotta.  
Something new. [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Night%20%26%20Day/03%20Tell%20Me%20Tales.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Tell Me Tales] Enjoy.
Second Song. Something new.  A case of mistaken identity.   [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Night%20%26%20Day/02%20Second%20Chance.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Second Chance]   Enjoy (or not).  
Very Deep…. (not).   Track number 1.   [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Night%20%26%20Day/01%20The%20True%20Meaning%20Of%20Truth.mp3|titles=The True Meaning of Truth|artists=Mark J Turner] Funky kinda side beat.   Enjoy.  
My father past away on December 3rd 2014.   It’s just for my own memory, but I dedicate this song to him.   The idea was originally about something else, but all I thought of whilst working on this was him.  He always encouraged my interest […]
Something new. [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Passing%20On%20Something%20Special/09%20We%20Have%20Years.mp3|titles=We Have Years|artists=Mark J Turner] Enjoy.  
Something new.   [audio:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39223099/My%20Music/Passing%20On%20Something%20Special/08%20Building%20It%20Forward.mp3|titles=Building It Forward|artists=Mark J Turner]   Enjoy.  
      [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Passing%20On%20Something%20Special/07%20Its%20Always%20Been%20You.mp3|titles=Its Always Been You|artists=Mark J Turner]   Enjoy 🙂
Something new. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Passing%20On%20Something%20Special/06%20So%20Beautiful.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=So Beautiful]   Enjoy.
Something new.  Remarkable.   Enjoy.   [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Passing%20On%20Something%20Special/05%20Remarkable.mp3|titles=Remarkable|artists=Mark J Turner]    
Something new. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Passing%20On%20Something%20Special/04%20Making%20An%20Effort%20To%20Be%20Patient.mp3|titles=Making An Effort To Be Patient|artists=Mark J Turner]   Enjoy.  
[audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Passing%20On%20Something%20Special/03%20We%20All%20Make%20Our%20Choices.mp3|titles=We All Make Our Choices|artists=Mark J Turner] Enjoy 🙂
Second song, really good sound – really sad background. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Passing%20On%20Something%20Special/02%20Be%20With%20You.mp3|artists=MarkJ Turner|titles=Be With You]   Enjoy.   I did.
First song, new album.  Trying. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Passing%20On%20Something%20Special/01%20Try%20To%20Be%20A%20Good%20Man.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Try To Be A Good Man]        
Something short and simple to finish off….. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Breaking%20A%20Promise/10%20Needing%20A%20Hug.mp3|titles=Needing A Hug|artists=Mark J Turner] Enjoy.
  This reminds me of Summeriferous.   Exactly the same kind of day 2 years ago, sweltering hot.  I didn’t have it in mind at all, it just came out, and ireally really thought it sounded fantastic…..hence. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Breaking%20A%20Promise/09%20Fantastic.mp3|titles=Fantastic|artists=Mark J Turner] Enjoy.      
I never do 2 covers in a set of 10.  Then I got carried away.  Oh well, it sounds too good to just leave. Long Hair Bon Jovi.  Can’t beat it. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Breaking%20A%20Promise/08%20Born%20to%20be%20my%20Baby.mp3|title=Born To Be My Baby|artists=Mark J Turner]  
Been listening to a lot of Dream Theater’s new album last night, and playing a lot of Bon Jovi.   This just came together during a “lets thrash in the new strings session”, and I think has a cool funky thing going on.   Enjoy.   […]