(Work in Progress) Started in October 2022, as I prepare to take 2 months out of work…..thought it’s about time I got the old fingers moving again and tried to record some new music.  Enjoy.  
Lockdown was a small collection of songs I managed to put together during that insanely odd and exceptional time we all lived through in 2020. I started out with the intent of a full ten song collection, but it never really happened. I quite like the […]
Inside the Outside was started in Summer 2017, but dragged on for few years.  Call it ‘musicians block’ but life did take a few more curve balls, and actually, i was out enjoying it a lot more. In Spring 2020, I decided with ‘Lockdown’ to end […]
Haunted was the longest I have taken to complete a set of songs to date – lots of changes and other interesting things going on in life, let this take more time and be more relaxed.  Some cool tracks on here, and some others not so […]
This collection of songs started into 2015, following a 6 month hiatus, and took over 12 months to complete, which is unusually long (considering I usually do two sets of 10 a year).  “Take What You Need” was created during a fairly miserable point during huge change […]
“Night and Day” is a new collection of songs started in December 2014.  Though I am just starting out, I am keen to do something harder and a bit rockier than some of the melancholic sounds of the past few songs – more upbeat and maybe […]
Passing on Something Special was completed in November 2014.  This was my 17th “album” in 8 years, which is both gratifying and slightly depressing. Middle age blues I guess.  This album has a much more gritty sound using my ESP and Digitech effects rack for the primary sounds, with […]
Breaking A Promise was my first collection for 2014.  Planned to go for a harder edgier sound, with a new Rhythm Guitar setup, but of course, with lots of melodic lead overlays.  Unlike every other album so far, has two covers included, both soft rock 80’s hits, […]
A Friend Wears A Smile was completed in April 2014 – after a hiatus of nearly 6 months following a breakdown in my studio which took a while to repair.  My favourite track on this collection is “Facing Down The Sun”, whilst the cover suggested to […]
I’ve decided to create a seperate collection for all the cover’s I’ve created over the past 9 years.   I started a personal tradition of completing 1 cover for every 10 songs – it started off as an excercise to deal with “writers block”, and has […]
Two Worlds was completed in January 2016.  It contains a couple of absolute favourites of mine, notably “My Diamond Queen”.   The cover of Dream Theater’s ‘Surrounded’ is also a good listen.
Leap of Faith was completed in the final quarter of 2012, with the final song coming on January 6th 2013.  It was intended to be a real progressive/metal sounding collection, with a lot of inspiration drawn from old style Dream Theater.   In theory it started […]
“One Unusual Suspect” is my 12th collection of songs, and was started on the 10th June 2012. It will be the first set completed entirely with my 2008 Les Paul Standard, and befitting that, it’s got a whole new studio setup prepared – hopefully the sound […]
“The Third Floor” will be my eleventh album, making it 90 original songs and 10 cover’s over 4 years – which is quite some output. Whilst I’m quite proud of some of my work, I want to try and evolve my sound with the eleventh album, […]
Perspective is my second collection of songs for 2011, started in early September after a few months listening around for fresh ideas.  I started off with “Making Me, Like You”, for which I also came up with some excellent cover art (check it out…..)  – but […]
Tears to Distraction was the first collection produced entirely in Logic Pro, moving from Garageband which I’d used for all my previous recording work.  I’d actually had Logic setup for a year or so previously, but quite frankly, had never really got to grips with it […]
Pressure (2010) seemed to take an age to complete- but in the end I was quite pleased with it – particularly “Surface Detail” and “Elusive” which have quite a complex sound to them.  Meanwhilst, “Song of Susannah” was quite a departure for me, with almost a […]
Tortured Soul was the name of a band I was in as a schoolboy, that never really took off, but for which, I had great ambitions 🙂 This is still I believe, one of my most accomplished works – the song writing seemed to come so […]
Distant Journey was completed 14th February 2010.  The intention of this collection is a progressive rock/metal extravaganza, with absolutely no compromise.  The first song, produced in late 2009, is a real synth and guitar lead overload track – complex, intricate, fusion, jazz, metal, thrash, rock and […]
Edge Of the World was completed in 2008 – My favourite track on this collection is “My Naked God” which is a fast moving rock track, with a nice harmony.  The overall sound is fairly similar to “Many Ways To Be” so far, the only significant difference […]
Many Ways To Be – Everything seemed to really fall together well, from the outset with My Many Ways To Be, to the conceptual “serial” of Violently Blue and The Lives I Have Lived then the upbeat rocker in Rollercoaster. I started to use twin lead harmonies strongly here, and put a […]
Inversions began in early 2008, and was completed quickly.   I really started to branch out trying a variety of different styles – with a particular focus on Progressive Rock styles such as those of “Dream Theater”, one of my favourite bands.  Inversions worked out really […]
This was my second collection of songs, and was completed later in 2007 – all 9 original titles were written and recorded that year, with 1 cover song as was to become my norm.  This was the first album to start I think, showing “my sound” […]
Never A Truer Word was my first collection of songs produced reasonably professionally.  Many of the songs were written between 1989 and 1996, by myself, for a variety of school and student bands of which I was a member.  This was the first time any of […]