Tortured Soul was the name of a band I was in as a schoolboy, that never really took off, but for which, I had great ambitions 🙂 This is still I believe, one of my most accomplished works – the song writing seemed to come so […]
Distant Journey was completed 14th February 2010.  The intention of this collection is a progressive rock/metal extravaganza, with absolutely no compromise.  The first song, produced in late 2009, is a real synth and guitar lead overload track – complex, intricate, fusion, jazz, metal, thrash, rock and […]
Edge Of the World was completed in 2008 – My favourite track on this collection is “My Naked God” which is a fast moving rock track, with a nice harmony.  The overall sound is fairly similar to “Many Ways To Be” so far, the only significant difference […]
Many Ways To Be – Everything seemed to really fall together well, from the outset with My Many Ways To Be, to the conceptual “serial” of Violently Blue and The Lives I Have Lived then the upbeat rocker in Rollercoaster. I started to use twin lead harmonies strongly here, and put a […]
Inversions began in early 2008, and was completed quickly.   I really started to branch out trying a variety of different styles – with a particular focus on Progressive Rock styles such as those of “Dream Theater”, one of my favourite bands.  Inversions worked out really […]
This was my second collection of songs, and was completed later in 2007 – all 9 original titles were written and recorded that year, with 1 cover song as was to become my norm.  This was the first album to start I think, showing “my sound” […]
Never A Truer Word was my first collection of songs produced reasonably professionally.  Many of the songs were written between 1989 and 1996, by myself, for a variety of school and student bands of which I was a member.  This was the first time any of […]