This is a collection of all the cover versions I have recorded.  Credits to all the relevant artists obviously 🙂
          This site is used to host music that I write, perform and record purely for my own enjoyment. The music is free to listen and download, and I am always interested in collaborations with other performers, the products of which are also […]
I’ve now moved my own personal website (where I host music i make in my own time purely for fun) off Amazon Web Services (AWS) onto OTC (“Open Telekom Cloud”) – which is a new public cloud offering from my employers, T-Systems/Deutche Telekom.  As this service […]
Need some serious inspiration to get going on another set of songs. I am well aware that I haven’t got a hugely distinctive sound in a while. All you iCompositioners who give me such great feedback, anyone interested in a collaboration to find a new sound […]
Just installed the Logic Remote app which Apple released for free on IOS – very cool 🙂 I now have a mobile mixing desk as well as my old Behringer.  Actually, its really far more helpful/useful than you may think, if your a Logic man (or […]
This site has now moved onto Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), the public cloud service provided by Amazon. For those technical, very clever service – would imagine the website will run significantly faster, more securely and allow far more download bandwidth than I could deliver on a […]
There’s a slight problem with most of the older links to music, as i had not noticed Apple was closing down it’s idisk service – on which I’ve always hosted the large files which make up my music. Bear with me, I’m setting up something new […]
  This site is now mechanically linked to a Facebook page for my music.  Hopefully the two will update in tandem, dependant on the wonders of technology and inept configuration 🙂
Got a new Smart TV and a proper free view aerial installed this weekend – it’s fantastic – combined with plea, which I already had running for my son’s bedroom, the one investment in a new TV means: no more Apple TV (it’s all built into […]
As you can see, if you are reading this…..I have complete re-designed my website.   For my own sanity, I would like to record here and now, that it was the most painful experience known to this man, and that PHP is the spawn of all […]