As you can see, if you are reading this…..I have complete re-designed my website.   For my own sanity, I would like to record here and now, that it was the most painful experience known to this man, and that PHP is the spawn of all […]
Perspective is my second collection of songs for 2011, started in early September after a few months listening around for fresh ideas.  I started off with “Making Me, Like You”, for which I also came up with some excellent cover art (check it out…..)  – but […]
Tears to Distraction was the first collection produced entirely in Logic Pro, moving from Garageband which I’d used for all my previous recording work.  I’d actually had Logic setup for a year or so previously, but quite frankly, had never really got to grips with it […]
Pressure (2010) seemed to take an age to complete- but in the end I was quite pleased with it – particularly “Surface Detail” and “Elusive” which have quite a complex sound to them.  Meanwhilst, “Song of Susannah” was quite a departure for me, with almost a […]