My Song 9

I’ve been working with GarageBand quite a bit recently, and now that I finally seem to understand how to make it all work as I need it, and have enough wiring to connect all my various pieces of equipment together, I’ve managed to produce a fairly decent (in my opinion) recording of a song I wrote back when I was in Uni. This song was the only ballad in what was other quite a hard-thrash outfit; we went by several different names as I recall, most commonly “Snakeyez”. And no, we weren’t very good, but it was good fun.

Anyway, I digress – so I’ve recorded it, and for an amateur, I’m quite proud of it. Not much else I can do with it, save put it on my iPod and publish it on here, so here it is – oh and no, it doesn’t really have a name as such. It had at least two names in the past, with lyrics supplied by someone else – hence, I’ve just labelled it (or rather, GarageBand did) “My Song 9” atmo.

Download: My Song 9.

Enjoy. Or not, as the case may be. Read on if you want to know the technical details of how I made this come together.


Firstly, save the drum track, this is all hand played, not electric or anything. Just about every track is doubled up for a good wide stereo effect. GarageBand is running on my iMac Core Duo 2ghz, with 2gb of RAM. It’s connected via the line-in to my Zoom GFX707 which is running 2 different guitar programs, each written by myself. There are the following tracks in the mix:

  • 2 x Electric Guitar, running GarageBands “Shimmering Dream” patch.
  • 2 x Electric Rhythm Guitar, running Zoom GFX707’s “Mork 01” patch.
  • 2 x Electro-Accoustic, running GarageBands “Modern Rock Bass” patch.
  • 2 x Electric Lead Guitar, running Zoom GFX707’s “Mork 03” patch.

This was all recorded using my Vintage Les Paul copy (above), my Fender Electro-Accoustic, and a friends girlfriends sisters’s, Tanglewood Bass (which I do not play well).


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