The Tide

I somehow missed posting this one. This was the last song I recorded using my old Guitar effects rack, directly injecting from my amp into my Mac. I assumed that would be preferable to just plugging my guitar into my Mac, and letting GarageBand do the effects, amp simulation, and the recording – I was completely wrong however. The latest recordings, 10 and 11, are vastly superior in quality. Still, I’ll put this up, as it’s one of more technical songs. I will re-record this shortly, should sound vastly superior (as it is sounds very “dubbed”).

Updated 16/01/07:  I’ve rerecorded this using GarageBand own direct effects set, and it’s vastly superior, so have updated the link above to point to the new version.  Also, I’ve given everything a title recently, and hence, the topic name change.


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