New Songs

During my brief time with .mac hosting, I wrote two new songs, which now have no entries here. As I’m particuarly pleased with both of them, that’s a shame. So….

Magic Man was intended as the equivalent of a musical sequel to “The Wizard” which was a track on Never A Truer Word. I started with the similar structure, but it aquired it’s own direction, and I’m really, really pleased with the outcome. Here it is:


For your overall amusement, I recorded myself recording the final track on Magic Man using my iMac’s webcam – please snicker quietly. (actually recorded for a friend of icompositions, who wanted to see part of it being played).


Starfire is something new, and took a pretty different direction to much of what I’ve done recently. A fairly simple core riff, overlaid with a simple but nice lead was the start, but a musical interlude in the middle gave it something special and I’m again, really proud of it.

You can, as ever, find both tracks available to download on my Music page.


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