Leap of Faith (2013)

Leap of Faith was completed in the final quarter of 2012, with the final song coming on January 6th 2013.  It was intended to be a real progressive/metal sounding collection, with a lot of inspiration drawn from old style Dream Theater.   In theory it started with a kind of “concept” story, but even I’m not clear where it went or how it ended.   As with all good prog rock, make it up for yourself 🙂

Leap of Faith (2013)

1. Leap of Faith

2. The Big Decision

3. A Numbers Game

4. Pulled Away Without Warning

5. Fair Warning

6. With Passion

7. No Part Of That Mess

8. One Door Closes…

9.  Fire Woman*

10.  Making Waves

* Originally written and performed by “The Cult”



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