Souls Of Wind

Quick off the mark……finish one, and well, it’s a national holiday – and the family left to visit the in-laws, so I had some spare time.

Pressure is the name I’ve given to my new collection of ten (starting today) – unusually, this isn’t going to be the title track, as I have something else in mind for that – but this was something that came together in a few hours, and it’s fun, upbeat, relatively simple and I liked it.  I’m experimenting with a slightly new sound, mostly tweaks on the production table, and it’s subtle, but definitely different – a little tighter than what I’ve used in the past – though I’ve only listened to it on the studio speakers myself so far, will reserve judgement until I’ve played it in the car and on the iPod to see if i prefer/rate it.

So this, is Souls of Wind – Enjoy.  Oh, and check out the artwork (not my work I might add).

Mark J. Turner - Souls Of Wind


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