07 Madness Is Killin..> Another new song. Enjoy.  
Something new 06 Get A Life.mp3   Enjoy
Saw Metallica live.  ’nuff said.   05 Shallow Evil.mp3   Enjoy.    
Something new. Includes guest appearances from my new PRS SE 😀 [audio:04 Want to Grow Old…>|titles=Want To Grow Old…|artists=Mark J Turner]     Enjoy.  
Something new.  Doesn’t happen very often these days. [audio:http://www.morks.net/music/Take%20What%20You%20Need/03%20Take%20What%20You%20Need.mp3|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Take What You Need]   Enjoy
This collection of songs started into 2015, following a 6 month hiatus, and took over 12 months to complete, which is unusually long (considering I usually do two sets of 10 a year).  “Take What You Need” was created during a fairly miserable point during huge change […]