Something new.  Much fun. Changed setup almost entirely, so its got quite a new sound.   Will blog on the gear change later. 04 Purged.mp3 Enjoy!  
Something new – got a bit carried away.  S was away, so I spent most of the weekend mucking about with it.  The tempo and some complex changes seem to cause some screw up in Logic that i couldn’t quite fix or understand, and i hear […]
Here is something new.  “Blue up Two”. Enjoy. Blue Up Two    
This is track number 1 – Haunted.  Very pleased with how this came out, though I seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time mixing to get the right balance between the clean electric and the lead guitar riffs when they kick in.  Problem is depending […]
Haunted was the longest I have taken to complete a set of songs to date – lots of changes and other interesting things going on in life, let this take more time and be more relaxed.  Some cool tracks on here, and some others not so […]
Something new.  Face In The Mirror. 09 Face In The Mirror.mp3   Enjoy.    
Something new.  Truly, just messing.  Fingers got all tight.  So uh. Yeah. 08 Messing.mp3 Enjoy.