Something new.  Face In The Mirror. 09 Face In The Mirror.mp3   Enjoy.    
Something new.  Truly, just messing.  Fingers got all tight.  So uh. Yeah. 08 Messing.mp3 Enjoy.
07 Madness Is Killin..> Another new song. Enjoy.  
Something new 06 Get A Life.mp3   Enjoy
Something new. Includes guest appearances from my new PRS SE 😀 [audio:04 Want to Grow Old…>|titles=Want To Grow Old…|artists=Mark J Turner]     Enjoy.  
Something new.  Doesn’t happen very often these days. [audio:|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Take What You Need]   Enjoy
So, it’s been a while.  Life change a lot.  Here’s something new though – getting back into it.   [audio:|artists=Mark J Turner|titles=Living and Loving]   Enjoy    
This collection of songs started into 2015, following a 6 month hiatus, and took over 12 months to complete, which is unusually long (considering I usually do two sets of 10 a year).  “Take What You Need” was created during a fairly miserable point during huge change […]