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I’ve now moved my own personal website (where I host music i make in my own time purely for fun) »

Need some serious inspiration to get going on another set of songs. I am well aware that I haven’t got »

Just installed the Logic Remote app which Apple released for free on IOS – very cool 🙂 I now have »

This site has now moved onto Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), the public cloud service provided by Amazon. For those technical, »

There’s a slight problem with most of the older links to music, as i had not noticed Apple was closing »

  This site is now mechanically linked to a Facebook page for my music.  Hopefully the two will update in »

Got a new Smart TV and a proper free view aerial installed this weekend – it’s fantastic – combined with »

As you can see, if you are reading this…..I have complete re-designed my website.   For my own sanity, I »